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The natural world is the old river than runs through everything, and I think poets will forever fish along its shores. - Mary Oliver, Poetry Handbook
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 Rules, Guidelines and Philosophy of Fourfold

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Rules, Guidelines and Philosophy of Fourfold Empty
PostSubject: Rules, Guidelines and Philosophy of Fourfold   Rules, Guidelines and Philosophy of Fourfold Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 9:20 pm

The Philosophy Behind This Site is to Provide a Caring and Safe Atmosphere for All

This is a Members Only Site; Membership is Limited

Rules and Guidelines

The time has come for a definitive set of rules for this forum.

Please read these rules carefully:

• Fourfold is a safe place where people can submit their poems/meditations/inspirations to share with others.
• Please respect other members of Fourfold; respect Administrators and Moderators
• Members must be willing to leave feedback on poems and should not focus on just their favourite poets or join purely to be a wanderer and not a writer
• While we know you can’t get to all the poems please try and encourage all poets
• Poems are posted to receive feedback; poetry can be written about one thing and read another way. You may not like the comments offered but please respect the opinions offered by other members.
• No personal attacks or insults; no demeaning or abusive words. Please keep comments civil. Please respect that issues within Fourfold should be kept within the Group and not discussed elsewhere or put up for public debate.
• No harassment of other members
• No discrimination of any type.
• Respect the copyright of other member’s work
• No vulgarity
• Back up your work: If you have created your poetry here only, it is recommended that you save copies of your own work on your hard drive.

Administrators and Moderators:

A team of moderators will meet regularly. Administrative Team has a right to edit or delete any inappropriate posts or posts they feel do not reflect the spirit of Fourfold as outlined above.

Should a poem be deleted or editted, a PM will be sent to the poet with an explanation as to why.

Moderators will file poems to each member’s storage space as new themes are introduced

Any member that fails to abide by these rules will have their membership terminated.

Any and all decisions made by the Administration Team are final; rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice at the Administration Team’s discretion.

Thank you for helping to make this a friendly forum with a positive atmosphere.

These Rules are designed to inspire fairness, honesty and civility in all exchanges between members across the forums. We ask each of our members to please read, understand and follow these rules. Thank you.
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Rules, Guidelines and Philosophy of Fourfold
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